If you are 16 - 17 years, come in and talk to us about a Youth Guarantee course today.  We can help you to complete an enrolment form, or discuss documentation you may need such as a driver's licence, birth certificate or school leaving certificate.  If you can, bring these with you to your interview.   It is helpful if you have an interest in the course.  All Youth Guarantee programmes are free and some students may be able to apply for a student allowance (if they meet the criteria).

Students that were 18 years or over in 2011 and on a Youth Training Course with Matapuna can return to a Youth Guarantee course in 2012 and continue to receive the same benefit they were on. 

For anyone aged 18 years or over, and are new to Matapuna, you will need a referral letter from Work and Income before you can be accepted onto a MSD funded course at Matapuna.  Make an appointment with WINZ before you come to see us or call Cat on 868 6094 to find out more information before you go to see WINZ.  Our two WINZ programmes are called Training for Work and Kick Start.

For students who are keen to join the NAIL whanau literacy course, there is is no entry criteria or fees.  You can have up to 100 hours of personal help with ltieracy or numeracy.  Call Gina on (06) 868 6098 today.

For your information, we have a fully equipped gym on site as well as a Personal Trainer.  All our programmes are Government funded and are free to participants.   We offer a whanau environment and provide travel and morning tea.

Why not join us today?

For more more information see our student page

Alternatively, call us on (06) 868 6094 for more information.